Ikhwezi deliver's at all cost.

From shelter, education and life skills, Ikhwezi has contributed a lot to young and disabled underprivilege persons. We give hope and enthusiasm to our groups at alltimes...We are motivated and the services we offer motivates us to deliver non stop...

Disabled care
We care and accommodate disabled persons. Taking a look at the projects done by disabled persons in our organization you'd be amazed and realise that at Ikhwezi there is life. We are a unique facility , and we are proud of it. We have taken good care of many disabled personnel not only by making sure they have eaten but to make them discover their true greatness and happiness...
We have our own advanced creche, We produce outstanding young intelligent whom we groom for better future. Our creche helps mentor and shape young age kids to show their intelligence and talent through different projects...
Orphanage care
Not everyone have a lucky to have parents alive or being looked after! But at Ikhwezi we end all the frustrations and heart breaking moments by bringing joy and hope to orphans. Ikhwezi is always trying to be there whatever it takes. We put it into consideration that a person does not have to suffer just because there is no parent or relative support, We are a source of hope to all orphanage in our facility and we precisely know that it takes a whole village for the kid to grow.

We care for the future

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