To the extend of Ikhwezi founder's vision ,Ikhwezi welfare current staff sat as an organization and compiled a way forward to develop and and make sure that Ikhwezi welfare continues to deliver quality services to all stake holders and or beneficiaries.

Objective 1 : Shelter and food

Accessible and user friendly shelter with the following facilities and renovated facilities:
1. Beds and bed linen/blankets
2. Toilet and bathroom facilities repaired
3. Floor tiles
4. Clean and spacious space to enable those with physical disability to use them (we anticipate an 
    increase in number of intake of children from 2013)
5. Four meals per day including breakfast, tea break, supper and lunch.
6. Continuous supply of nutritious balanced food.
7. Improved kitchen facilities to cater for the diverse nutritional needs of the children

Objective 2 : Medical care and support

Provision of general and specialized medical care and support for children living with mental disability, including catering for their fundamental medical needs. Ikhwezi medical staff, local clinic and medical specialist & psychiatrist are responsible for general and specialized medical care with a proactive and sustainable manner. Ikhwezi ensure that there is adequate supply of medicine and other medical necessities to ensure easy and continuous well being for all our people.

Objective 3 : Recreation, stimulation and life-skills

Create an environment whereby children will feel capable and worthy through mental, and physical, stimulation activities thus ensuring they enjoy life and learn certain skills besides their limitations.

Ikhwezi welfare is provisioned for recreational facilities such as sport, excursion and other activities appropriate for children living with mental disabilities, We aim on purchasing a user friendly equipment for recreational activities while nsuring that the environment is stimulating and provide the opportunity for children to play and learn this will make sure that children’s potentials and capabilities are fulfilled and there is a sense of completeness amongst them and the pain of vulnerability is minimized.

Objective 4 : Education and skills development

Ikhwezi welfare is provisioned to supply adequate educational support to enhance disabled people skills and capacity. This brings disabled personnel the capacities to learn, achieve and enhanced their talent and skills needs

To the extend of Ikhwezi founder's vision ,Ikhwezi welfare current staff sat as an organization and compiled a way forward to develop and and make sure that Ikhwezi welfare continues to deliver quality services to all stake holders and or beneficiaries. We compiled a
SWOT ANALYSIS which combines our operations and what exactly Ikhwezi is keen to archieve and to what extend does this will effect and affect the development plan within Ikhwezi welfare and community as a whole. The following is our SWOT DRAFT...
A fully functional and committed board.
A proud history and impeccable track record.
Vast experience in the field of caring for the mentally challenged children.
Dedicated staff with appropriate skills.
Being a recognised centre providing quality service especially for the poor people.
Sound organizational management.
Systems and policies in place.
Recognition by the local community.
Long term partnership with government department.
Limited financial resources, threatening the sustainability of the organization.
Lack of cooperation amongst parents some of whom simply dump children never to return.
Lack of modern and appropriate infrastructure and facilities.
Inability to keep qualified staff due to lack of competitive salaries.
Inability to profile and market the service we provide leading to failure to attract resources.
Old buildings not fully compliant with the needs of the severely physical and mentally ill patients.
The organisation is one of the eldest and longest surviving institution of this sort in KZN, hence it can be 
   regarded as a success story (case study) that other organisations can learn from.
There is a great potential to increase our service due to the experience and capacity of our staf 
Integration of other services such as computer skills and life skills for the mentally challenged personnel.
Successful integration of the mentally challenged people into the mainstream community as responsible
  and productive citizens
Capacity to change community’s mindset and attitudes about disability and creation of an environment of 
To provide children with disabilities with the tools to change their lives and to give them greater degree of 
To enable children with disabilities to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual,
  psychiatric and or social functional levels within the municipality.
Creation of employment opportunities for graduates and for internship.
Lack of funding to renovate the building that were destroyed by lightning.
Delays and red tape in government department to provide funds thus making it difficult for the mentally 
  disabled children to access their grants and other services
Too much demand for our service against the background of limited resources to provide for a large
   number of mentally disabled children.
The new legislations that focuses more on administration capacity of the centre instead of the quality of
   service being delivered, this also entails lack of balance of the two.
The service we provide is regarded by the donors as not attractive in that they do not gain any limelight or
   mileage if they provide donations to the organisation.
Parents who are reluctant to pay fees in as much as they receive grants from the government, this put a
   strain on the staff and administration, whereby it becomes.
Lack of supportive family structures, thus making it difficult for them to service outside the centre,
Rise in prices of food and other necessities making it difficult for us to feed the children.

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