Our creativity

Ikhwezi has since its inception depended on donor and government funding to sustain itself. The main reason behind this is that it is a challenge for a centre of this nature to have income generating projects to sustain itself. Our survival and sustenance therefore depend on mental health and substance abuse funding without which this centre won’t be able to sustain itself and this would mean depriving the most vulnerable cohort of our society the opportunity to be cared for and supported.

As Ikhwezi welfare organization since we have a proud record of more than thirty years providing quality and affordable service to the children living with mental disability, it would be an indictment on decision makers if they could witness in their time and age the closure of this pioneering centre of hope.

Traditional bags

Crafted with hands.


Crafted with hands.

Traditional hat

Crafted with hands.

Extended ways of sustainability

As a keen and dedicated centre Ikhwezi has since invented an opportunity for all beneficiaries within it to create any desire handwork that can be useful to show talents to the outside world , We have seen a major output from all beneficiaries and this has given us a chance to grow as an organization in such a way that a community within our operations has taken a close eye to the facts that just because you are physically challenged does not mean you have limitations to the outside world !