Since 1979

Ikhwezi Welfare Organization salutes the lady , the mother , the care giver…We say you made a sustainable mark in our community and we are keen to keep your leagcy to live longer than any expectation. We simple say Thank you !!!

Ikhwezi Welfare Organization dates back in 1979 when the late Mrs Ethel Mthiyane had a vision of improving the lives of the vulnerable groups especially the elderly, the physically disabled, the mentally disabled and vulnerable children. There was very little care for the black vulnerable groups and they were kept in their homes without any care or support and were viewed as a burden by their immediate families.

Our founder

The challenge was not just caring for the mentally and physically disabled but was also changing the perceptions and attitudes of communities and families towards these vulnerable cohorts. So her intervention  which has been carried this far was mainly informed  and influenced  by a myriad of factors such as poverty, lack of care and support and the stigma associated with mental illness.

We are for love…

 Ikhwezi is also very proud to be one of the oldest and model care facility for the severely mentally deprived children. It is also against this proud legacy of Ethel Mthiyane that we appreciate the continuous support we have been receiving from the Department of Health for the support especially over the last three years, it has indeed made a great difference in the lives of these vulnerable children.

As alluded elsewhere in our proposal we have a very proud legacy and history of providing quality and affordable service to the most deserving cohort of our community. Our history and experience enable us to provide care and support for the severely mentally and physically disabled children. Our holistic and integrated to mental and physical health make us a unique and highly sought after care centre. The fact that we are based within the community and are accountable to the community, and families of these children make us a credible centre providing services based on sound principles and legislative obligations.